Industrial Coatings For Your Home

Our coatings were primarily developed for used in the agricultural industry. Dairies and farms had a need for a durable moisture proof coating. It didn’t take long before word spread of this extraordinary durable and moisture proof coating and we found ourselves shipping our coatings to not only large farms and diaries but to home owners for every use under the sun. It has been used on garage and basements floors to pool decks and fishing piers. Our paint is a extremely durable coating for use in all industrial facilities such as shops, automotive, dairies, livestock buildings, garages, kennels and basements. Our coating provide a tough clear or colored coating that protects against dirt, water, moisture, cleaners, alcohol, brake fluids, bleach, gasoline, diesel fuel.

We are not just limited to Cement, Metal & Wood. It looks great on a brick paves and keeps them from fading.


If your garage is damp,hard to clean and rough surfaced, our coatings will fill in any chips, cracks or pitted areas. It leaves the surface with a smooth , shell like protective finish that can repels oils, grease, gasoline and dirt. The surface can be cleaned quick and easy with just plain water!


Tired of that damp feeling in your basement? Our Coatings will insure a 100% moisture and acid proof barrier which will guard against moisture or chemical penetration. It dries in less then 6 hours and is easy to clean. A simple mop and water is all that is needed for cleaning the surface.

High Traffic Areas

Multicoat was Specifically Formulated for surfaces that needed to endure heavy use. Whether you are using heavy machinery on a shop floor, or using it in crates, pens, garages, basements, milking parlors, barns, feed bunks, veterinarian hospitals, decks, roofs, or anywhere you need protection on your surface!


Multicoat can even be brushed on the walls of a shop, Garage basement or any area you need to protect against dirt and grime simply clean the surface with our Citra-cleaner product to remove grease and oil. Brush on the Multicoat for a smooth, shell like lasting protective finish!


Our clear coat is an excellent choice for sealing your driveway. It comes in a multitude of color choices all with a non-slip surface, easy to apply and easier to clean up. Make the right choice with our coatings.


One application will give your outdoor area the protection it needs from the weather. Once the coating is applied, you will enjoy a maintenance free future. An ordinary garden hose can be used to clean most surfaces dirt such as grease, oil. it can be used on cement metal wood and much more!


Save hundreds of dollars by doing it yourself Whether you have a factory-perfect pickup bed you’re anxious to protect or a scratched and dented bed you’re dying to hide, you have several options for bed liners. Molded drop-in types are sized for your truck and cost $200 to $5,000. Other options are a professionally installed spray-on liner, which costs $500 to $600, or a Dura-Liner a do-it-yourself roll-on bed liner for only $149.95.

All liners have their obvious pros and cons.Molded liners are good at absorbing shocks and hauling gravel or sand but can be slippery. They can also get punctured, which can lead to bed corrosion if water and debris become trapped underneath. On the other hand, spray or roll/brush-on bed liners are a heavy-duty polyurethane mixture that hardens and thoroughly coats the inside of your truck bed. Roll/brush-on liners are skid resistant.